687-10 Proximity Card Programmer


The 687-10 Card Programmer will encode a 125kHz read/write card with a user defined ID number. In addition the card programmer can be used to write up to 100 bits of user data to the card. The card programmer comes complete with RS-232 serial cable and Windows compatible PC software, and requires a 12V dc power supply.



  • Programming of blank read/write cards
  • for use as read only cards.
  • Duplication of read only cards.
  • Programming ID number and mode bytes (block 0) of blank read/write cards for use in read/write
  • Programming unique "signature" into cards to prevent duplicate cards working on high security
  • Preset user data areas of a read/write card for use in read/write systems.



  • Power requirements: 12V dc. Current consumption is 80 mA typical.
  • RS-232 port operates at 19200 baud for connection to PC.
  • RF Frequency: 125 kHz.
  • Read/write tags supported: TEMIC e5550 series, Sokymat Q5, and equivalent devices.
  • Programmed 40 bit ID number format is EM H4001 compatible:
    • 64 bits (includes parity), ASK, manchester encoding, RF/64 bit rate
  • ID programmed into blocks 1 and 2 of read/write card and can be "locked" to prevent changes.
  • Blocks 3-7 of read/write card available for 100 bits of user data (format proprietary).
  • Physical dimensions: 154mm x 84mm x 38mm
  • Operating temperature: 0-50 ºC
  • Software runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000.




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687-10 Data Sheet Rev1.0


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